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I have been photographing for Naughty Naturopath Mum for a few years now and I always love new product photography shoots for existing clients. Those years of working together allow us to work on a library of images that all complement each other and can be used over again in different ways. It keeps a really nice flow to their social media profiles.

naughty naturopath mum products by Renee Bell Photographer
Renee Bell Photographer | flower essence blend photography
product photography by Renee Bell

I keep a set of all the Naughty Naturopath Mum flower essence blends in my studio so that when their team are creating a new pack, or want images to do some promos for an upcoming sale, I have everything I need here ready to go.

We try to keen a nice consistent theme of bright and airy images. Natural textures are incorporated in background elements and then incorporating flowers, native greenery, crystals and what ever additional props suit the theme.

This then means that even a few years down the track, these images can still be reused where needed. Often the NNM social media team will also use these images with text or graphics over the top of them to give further info or to promote sales. The bright and airy nature of the photographs and lots of open space allows for this to work really well.

Renee Bell Photographer - product photos for naughty naturopath mum
Renee Bell Photographer - studio product photography
Renee Bell Photographer | flower essence photography

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