Newcastle Newborn Photographer

I know you’re wondering…

Perhaps fantasising…

And delightfully imagining…

Exactly what your newborn baby will look like.

Isn’t it magical to dream about who she (or he) is. And who she will become.

newborn photography by renee bell

Notice how each newborn is so deliciously divine, in their own magical way.

family photos with newborn baby

Imagine your gorgeous baby for a moment. Visualise her long lashes, her chubby cheeks, her perfectly formed fingers.

But, of course, we can’t really know for sure how she will look.

Only that she’ll be perfect (because she will be your most treasured gift in the world).
newborn baby girl photos
newborn photos renee bell 2
newcastle newborn baby photographer

One thing’s for sure:

It’s impossible to capture these kinds of images without a highly skilled professional newborn photographer.

When it comes to capturing those early precious moments with your new bub, I invite you to remember this wisdom:

You’re investing in memory preservation.

You’re also investing in treasured pieces of art.

The results of getting a highly skilled professional? Art that lasts a lifetime. And perfect images of a special moment in time that goes by in a milk-stained, sleep-deprived heartbeat.

Interested in Newcastle newborn photography sessions?

To chat to Renee and get more information about your newborn shoot, please get in touch.
renee bell photography of newborns

I’m Renee Bell.

I’m a newborn photographer.

Also known as the baby whisperer to my clients.

My talent is pulling off the gigantic feat of capturing truly remarkable images, while keeping your family completely relaxed + nurtured during the entire session.  I’ll contort myself in any number of uncomfortable positions if it means getting the perfect photograph of your newborn. I’ll sweat buckets next to a heater in summer if it means your newborn is kept warm, happy + highly photogenic.

Most parents who choose me as their newborn photographer simply want the best shots possible. Which I always deliver. But, they usually don’t bank on having such a restorative experience while I’m creating these works of art. The chance to put your feet up + relax — you’re not able to fully appreciate it yet, but you will once your little one arrives.

And I won’t lie to you.

I don’t do this because I love your baby more than you do (not possible).

The truth: I’m an artist who’s obsessed with creating the perfect images of your newborn baby. I live for capturing new life in its most exquisite, achingly beautiful form. Newborn photography is what I love.

I believe that since you’ve been waiting for the most precious arrival of your life, you deserve exquisite photographs. And not only that, you deserve an experience that nurtures your baby in the process.

newborn baby photos
renee bell photographer newcastle newborns
renee bell newborn photographer
baby photos by newcastle photographer renee bell

Kind words: what people are saying

As new parents it was beautiful to step back and watch our tiny baby with Renee as she worked her magic during our newborn photography session… I like to call her the baby whisperer!

Renee you are extremely talented and have a special way with newborns babies.

Thank you for allowing us to experience your patience and sheer talent with our little man…

Frequently asked questions

I am a Newcastle photographer, based near Charlestown. I am available for sessions in the Newcastle, Lake Macquarie and Hunter Valley area. As a lifestyle photographer, all sessions are done in the comfort of your home so I can spend time with your family. Family photography can be added to your session if you choose, or we can focus solely on your little one.

My core goal when photographing your newborn is to capture her perfection, and your special moments as a new family not alter her completely. I edit to remove minor scratches + blemishes, but don’t worry — she’ll still be recognisable as your baby.

Absolutely not. Only 5% of babies arrive on their due dates, so chances are yours will come at the time he or she chooses. The reason I only have limited sessions available per month is to make sure you have the greatest chance for your session to occur on your preferred day once baby (eventually) arrives. This is why I also suggest you add me to your birth announcement text message list — so I can prepare a special day just for you + your new baby.

No. For you to receive the highest quality images like you see on this page I need to expertly edit the photographs taken of your newborn. The entire experience that you invest in guarantees exceptional quality, which demands lots of behind-the-scenes work after your actual photo shoot.

renee bell photographer - newborn babies

Newcastle Newborn Photographer and Family Photographer, Renee Bell

I believe that since you’ve been waiting for the most precious arrival of your life, you deserve exquisite photographs. And not only that, you deserve an experience that nurtures your baby in the process.

I know you can hardly wait to hold your beautiful baby. I am wishing you a safe, nurturing journey as you prepare to welcome your newborn into the world. Enjoy the cuddles, cherish those early days, + please make photographs of your newborn a priority.

It would be my honour + privilege to create beautiful images of your newborn at such a magical time in your life. If you are a Newcastle family, please get in touch if you would like to book a newborn photography session.